Saravana Kumar

In the footsteps of nomads. Seeking inspiration from life in the wild and wonderful corners of our world.

The Kiang and I

The KIANG and I The Kiang is a magnificent beast. The wild ass, the largest of the species, roams the high altitude plains of the Tibetan Plateau. In Ladakh they are mainly to be found in the Changthang region, roaming its fertile grasslands along with the nomadic Chang Pa people. Over the course of my […]
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A perfect Day… To trek alone

There are days when you are surrounded by so much beauty that you feel privileged, blessed even, to witness it. You walk with a spring in your step, a big grin on your face and the world just feels right again. It is like being in love, maybe even better, because you have none of that ‘delicious torment’ […]
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The Takin

The Takin - a unique animal closely associated with Bhutan's religious history and mythology. The origins of this creature is seeped in myth as the creature itself. Lama Drukpa Kinley, the "Divine Madman" is one of Bhutan's favorite saints, definitely one of the most eccentric. There are numerous stories and songs devoted to his outrageous antics.
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